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Game of Thrones Project

Season 8 Character Analysis

Watchers of the Wall

The Game of Thrones project is a group effort between Taylor Ridilla and Joe Gismondi . The project focuses on the developments of characters from season eight. Whether you have been an advide game of thrones fan from the start or you're just joining us now our website will help you catch up! We follow the journey of the main houses and their members throughout seaason 8. Through many battles with one another, the people of Westeros have a bigger enemy to worry about, the white walkers. The white walkers, first seen in epsiode 1 season 1, is an army of the dead traveling the map to conquer more soliders for their army. Only dragon glass can kill them off. While Cersi Lannister currently holds the crown, she does not believe that the army of the dead is coming. But Jon Snow has served as a watcher of the wall, he has seen the army of the deads capability to kill entire societies in one battle, and with Daenerys and her dragons by Jons side, they are on the road to Kings Landing to take the crown.

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