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We started our project by marking up all of the tv episodes, which were accessed through Genius Game of Thrones Season 8 Scripts . We tagged characters, stage directions, characters house alliances, and a couple of other things which is avalible to you if you look under the Episode Scripts tab or you can access it through GitHub. Our original goal was to find a way to show character patterns in season 8 that weren't representative of the series as a whole but we couldn't come up with a way that would demostrate that with our intro level coding skill and the amount of time we had to work. Both Dr. Campbell and Amber think that this is a project that other digital humanities students could use and expand on in future classes, I think that would be really cool to see. What we were able to accomplish with our project was using our skills that we learned in digital humanities to markup the scripts, find patterns in the characters speeches using regex, and lastly using svg to create and output a chart to compare speeches between two main characters. We included the House tab which was created by using lists of the main characters from each house in season 8. Also, we included a Map tab where people can view the Map of Westeros to follow the chacracters journey to the Capital. Both the image of the cast on the homepage and the image of the house banners on the house page were retrieved from Pinterest and the map image was retrieved from Polygon, so a thank you to those for providing us with our images. Overall, this project was alot of fun and something to be proud of for our first time ever coding and we couldn't have done it with out our student instructor Amber or our professor Dr. Campbell.